An incredible, blissful, powerful way to gently befriend and work with the unconscious mind.  It is vital that we recognise our depths because it is from there that we emanate. It is from our unconscious selves that the outline, the colour and character that we have become is formed.  

We may wonder sometimes as to how we’ve become who we are.  We may be aware of our positive and negative attributes.  We can pretend that all is good all the time, but have you ever wondered why you react in particular ways to some situations and not to others? What are the triggers that trigger us? And can we change those knee-jerk reactions?  Well yes we can? 

Hypnosis is a gentle way to enter our unconscious space consciously and tweak  it in such a way that  enhances and brings peace and order to where turmoil and disorder pre-reigned. 

The power of hypnosis gives you an incredible tool to create real life changes in a most congruent, respectful and blissful way.

In hypnosis you are always in control, you are always safe and feel calmer  beyond words.

Call me anytime to find out more. 

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