Take/Away Rapid Relaxation Technique

Now that’s a new thought, how can you take away Relaxation. Well with Hipnosis you’re able to learn a deep relaxation technique and teach the body to TakeAway a trigger for rapid relaxation. Through the session You will go into a deep wonderful state of calm and Bliss. While in that state your unconscious mind, with your permission of course, is taught a given trigger, a trigger that enables you to recall this deep calm state of relaxation where ever you are and at any time.

Triggers can be constructive triggers or less constructive, even destructive. As you are well aware, you can have a trigger that sets you off to feel happy, you can have a trigger makes you angry. Well in this Hypnotherapy session you will gain a new trigger that you can TAKE AWAY. you will have the ability to apply that Rapid Relaxation Trigger whenever require, imaging the implications....

Triggers of this nature can assist you in many aspects of your life. Triggers can be ones for focused relaxation, positive/ drive. It really depends on what you need in your life. For example, prior to an interview, you can work with your hypnotherapist to assist you to attain a focused, relaxed and sharp state of mind. You can learn a state that is particularly conducive for studying and memory (see post on 'Performance Enhancement) and techniques that are particularly helpful in exams or social interactions.

Where-ever in your life tat you feel that a positive trigger may help, consider the amazing power of hypnosis. Do bear in mind, that at times other techniques can really facilitate the process, so when you come in for such interventions, additional techniques and options may also be considered.

As always, feel free to give me a call to discuss any of these concepts and how they may apply to

needs. Thank you for reading....

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