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No, you cannot be controlled No, No one can read your mind and No you won’t act silly ALL hypnosis is self Hypnosis. The therapist merely guides and facilitates the journey,

it is you who places yourself into that blissful state. Hypnosis in therapy is very different from stage hypnosis. In stage hypnosis only the very suggestible and extrovert individuals who want to be on show are the ones picked for the show. It is because they want to ‘act out’ that they do. Hypnosis cannot in any way ‘make’ you do something that you do not yourself want to do or achieve. When you arrive to a hypnotherapy session, you come with a desire to create positive change in your life. It is that very change that your therapist assists you to achieve. Hypnosis is a blissful, calm and gentle state in which positive suggestions can land in the right places to assist you to make significant life changes in your everyday life. For example, instead of reaching for a vice; cigarettes, food, sweets, picking your nails or eye lashes out, the unconscious mind is reminded to jump in, just at that critical moment and natually divert that outmoded behaviour to a more positive one. Imagine the great tool that Hypnosis now becomes. Instead of procrastinating you choose to act, instead of falling into anxiety, you rise above, instead of deflating your own spirit, you build yourself up. to find out more, contact me directly for a chat on the number provided throughout this website.

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