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Weight Management can be well managed by Hypnosis and Coaching. Wether the initial weight gain was due to simple bad habits, emotional eating or previous trauma. The body has a powerful self regulating and healing ability that Hypnosis can realign. In the case of traumas where eating is an impulsive response that mimics self protection, coaching can prove to be a very powerful tool in conjunction with Hypnosis.

Over eating in an impulsive way, or due to simply boredom is very manageable with Hypnosis, as Hypnosis facilitates your journey into the unconscious mind, where adjustments can be willingly so that the past impulse is no longer the driving force to the action that used to follow, but an internal, unconscious mechanism will interrupt the old behaviour and bring about a more conducive action that both the therapist and the client previously agreed upon within the session.

Hypnosis is a powerful, relaxing and beautiful space in which to work. People often Found that they wake up refreshed and ready to get on with their life in a more powerful and focused way. At times people remember most or the whole experience and seem to be very relaxed and light hearted. Like having a micro-sleep.

Remember, Hypnosis and all hypnosis, is self hypnosis, where you as the client have full control, it feels like that natural state befor being awake and asleep. Check out the previous Blog - "Hypnosis more than just Bliss"

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