Aetiology Vs Teleology

The Study of causality Vs that of the purpose of a given phenomenon in our lives

Aetiology is the study of causation. To give a reason for. It is the study of cause and effect. Teleology is to explain phenomena in terms of the purpose that it serves rather than the cause by which it arose. The advantages in adopting Teleology instead of Aetiology in every day life is to choose to possesses that empower in living in order to achieve personal growth and improvement of ones life. To choose to adopt Aetiology is to surrender your power by creating excuses and finding reasons for not moving forword, not growing, nor living to your true potential. Ultimately its a choice. In day to day living, Aetiology is the practice of placing blame on past experience, pain or trauma. Choosing to excuse ones inability due to past events and continue to dis-empower ones self in the present with the consequence of failing in the future while maintaining a safety net of blaming past hurts. How convenient. There is no doubts that choosing Teleology to live by, takes some courage. Its the courage of taking responsibility for your state of mind or action in the present. Shaping your life by learning from the past and moving towards a better life in the present, even if that is with only one step at a time. Imagine the amount of wasted potential in the struggle to stay the same when you know that things are not working for you and putting all your energy in finding past reasons and attributing your unhappiness to what has been, and staying unhappy as a result. What about living in the now and putting one foot in front of the other pressuring your goals, expanding your horizons daily and being happier everyday as a result of moving farther towards what you want in life. Take the learnings and moving forward, realising your goals, fulfil your present highest values and moving towards them. Become happier every day as you move in farther in your desired direction.

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