A life Changing Transformation

Consciously change your unconscious

A Personal Breakthrough session involves only six to eight hours of intervention (ie. 3-4 (2hr Sessions)). It involves deep transformative work that begins with gathering a detailed personal history, followed by a process of powerful, quick and life-changing techniques that take root in the unconscious level of the mind. These initial techniques involve the release of deep emotional blocks that are often unconscious in nature, blocks that stand in the way of our day to day decision making processes and cause us to loop through the cycles that unconsciously limit us. A complete breakthrough session enables freedom of the old outmoded emotional limitations and self damaging unconscious strategies.

Values, amongst other things act as unconscious drivers to determine many of our behaviours. Awareness and realignment of your highest values allow for a powerful unconscious change to occur. It unlocks true inner potential and enables you to manifest the life that you really want. Once this conscious/unconscious alignment is established your internal drivers and your own core beliefs manifest in a more integrated way, enabling your to take congruent decisions and follow them through with confidence and conviction. This Conscious/Unconscious process of change enables you to understand your inner workings and make unconscious change consciously. It enables you to exercise your true potential unconsciously everyday, and be aware of the change in your every day living, so you can spiral out of the old routines and damaging cycles into new potentials and greater possibilities.

Express your inner self naturally. Live in balance, be true to your own inner nature. Learn effective transformational strategies and enable them to become part of your everyday. Unfold confidently and bring forth a more congruent you. Become more self-aware and increase your emotional awareness in the way that you see yourself and others. With all that you can effectively create and achieve your goals in a natural, internally generated and inspired way. Become truly motivated. Live a life that is more fulfilling, live it in an impassioned truthful and integrated way every day.

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