Personal Breakthrough Session

A Personal Breakthrough session generally involves six to eight hours of deep transformative work. Sessions are typically two hours each, making 3-4 sessions all that is needed to complete this powerful self transformation. We begin with gathering a detailed personal history, followed by a process that involve powerful, quick and life-changing techniques.

The aim is for you to shed old outmoded emotional limitations, such as negative emotional loops and limiting decisions that may have plagued you for years. You know those automatic knee-jerk reactions that pop up and determine the decision before a situation is fully evaluated? Clarity and critical thinking, enjoying free will are all possible when negative emotional drivers and internal conflicts are no longer there to play that old record over and over in your head. This process disolves those loops. It enables you to finally break free.

You may wonder how so much transformation can take place in such a short time. This is made possible by employing both the conscious and unconscious processes of the mind. Unconscious learning is allot faster than the mechanical form of learning that we are used to at school or at work. The Unconscious mind constitutes far greater flexibility than the ridgid conscious mind. Given a chance to express itself, our inner wisdom is far more superior than our intellectual mind, and unconscious learning is that much faster too.

Once you tap into your deepest potentials, change and self-transformation become simple and provide for true, powerful and long lasting change. You will be left with a profound and a deeper level of self awareness and a heightened sense of self.

With all that change behind you and with freedom from the old outmoded stuff, you can effectively create and achieve more out of life. wether you take the Breakthrough session for personal growth, to achieve better grades, to find a new direction, to improve your relationships with others or to excel at your work. Create achievable goals in a natural and inspired way. Become truly motivated. Live a life that is more fulfilling.

Live in an impassioned way today..

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