Couples Coaching

Couples & Relationship  Breakthrough  Sessions


Profound understandings

Relationship Coaching

  • Release old emotional hurts and make room for your significant other fully

  • Reconnect with the inner you, understand your partner and reignite connection

  • Regain self confidence, remove the negative unconscious processes 

  • Take learnings from the past, effectively reconnect with each other in a new way

Understanding each others in a new way

  • Learn each other's communication and listening styles

  • Learn to communicate effectively to the another's model of the world

  • Understand 'filters', comprehend your differences and communicate effectively

  • Realign your values for a deeper connection, create congruence in your relashionship

Let the relationship bring the very best out of you

  • Individualised and joint couple sessions maximise results

  • Understand and nurture your mutual needs to greatly improve your life.

  • Uncover, empower and align your personal values for better synergy 

  • Achieve mutual goals successfuly by using powerful goal-setting techniques

Enjoy Every Moment
Enjoy Every Moment

Change your Life Today

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Enjoy Togetherness
Enjoy Togetherness

Resonate a new

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Relationship Breakthrough sessions involve 10-12 hours (ie. 5-6 2-hour sessions over 3-4 weeks). This intervention begin with gathering detailed personal history from both of you.  The firtst and last sessions are a couples session, the rest of the sessions are individualized- one on one sessions with your life coach.  Different techniques are used to create new strategies and understandings that enable you both to realign your communication styles and understand each others model of the world. 


Time_Line techniques are used initially to release the past and empower your future.  NLP coaching techniques and Hypnotherapy are blended in a unique way to help you to eliminate any substantial blocks, internal conflicts, and unresolved issues from your past and/or present relationship. 


Personal values are held in one's unconscious mind by personal beliefs. Identifying your true values and their hierarchy important. When both your values are aligned profound resonance naturally takes place each other. Grow individually and together to bring new life and meaningful depth to your current relationship. This will undoubtedly filter through to all your other connections in your life from family to friends. Make the change today, sow the seeds today for the flourishing of your every day.

Start fresh   Promote understanding     Align your values   

Succeed      clarity     Improve communication     Create Synergy 

Talk to each other's model of the world   Connect  Understand each other's personality types    Grow together    Love    

Leap into Life

Ehud Udi Tal-Life Coach