Improving Grades

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

Educational Breakthrough  Sessions


Learn and advance with ease

Coaching for better learning

  • Learn powerful strategies for effective information retention and recall

  • Become motivated instantly and maintain focus naturally

  • Learn powerful and effective strategies to improve memory

  • Resolve exam-related anxieties and internal blocks to raise grades

Eliminate limiting factors

  • Replace outmoded learning strategies for new powerful ones

  • Regain self confidence and remove negative inhibiting beliefs

  • Be driven with refreshed and consistent motivation

  • Get the confidence you need to return to mature age studies 

Bring the best out of your learning

  • Raise your grades significantly in the most natural way

  • Increase determination and complete your studies successfully

  • Achieve successful goal-setting and outcomes

  • Stand confidently and succeed


Powerful Strategies

Spelling Strategies
Spelling Strategies

Build Confidence

University Students
University Students

Leap Ahead


Powerful Strategies


Learning and Education Breakthrough Coaching sessions involve around six to 8 hours (ie. 3-4, 2-hour sessions) of intervention.  Suitable for school-aged children, university students, mature age and older returning students.  The session commence with a detailed personal history, followed by extensive and decisive techniques that remove limiting and inhibiting traits.  New strategies are taught that enable you to find learning and studying a more enjoyable, empowering and rewarding experience.  You will find that you can challenge yourself and develop a sense of curiosity more easily than you  thought possible.  Powerful techniques such as NLP coaching, Time_Line Techniques, New strategies, Hypnotherapy are all combined in a unique way to move you forward in any life area where there is a lack.  Coaching helps remove any substantial internal and unconscious blocks, internal conflicts and limiting beliefs that stand in your way to achieving your true goals. Surprise yourself, excel, and learn to function through excellence. Nothing can stand in your way.

Confidence  Improve memory    Instant recall    Renewed motivation

Instal effective new strategies     Focused self awareness     

Remove internal conflicts    Renew Motivation   Learn effectively

Leap into Life

Ehud Udi Tal-Life Coach