Career Coaching

 Career  Breakthrough  Session


Congruence, Focus, Drive and Action

Career Coaching

  • Find True inspiration and renewed drive at work

  • Refine your strengths and eliminate blocks that inhibit growth.

  • Create clarity - Remove outmoded internal conflicts & self limiting doubts.

  • Make business decisions confidently, congruently and decisively

  • Learn effective & powerful negotiation strategies, become more influencial 

Confidence Building (personal and professional)

  • Remove negative emotions and limiting self-talk; make a positive change

  • Effectively leap ahead with projects, stay focused and deliver excellence

  • Understand personality types, create group synergy & lead effectively

  • Understand your clients' motivations. Increase sales and raise profits

Better yourself, fast-track your career and/or business

  • Work with your team effectively, grow beyond limiting personal conflicts

  • Become more focused, take necessary steps to raise the team upwards 

  • Resolve conflicts, harness true potential, function with personal power

  • Uncover and align your inner values in business and in life for better balance

  • Set and achieve your goals, grow your business now

Achieve your Goals
Achieve your Goals

Achieve Excellence

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Nagotiation Skillls
Nagotiation Skillls

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A Career Breakthrough sessions, only require a few hours of face-to-face consultations (ie. 4-5, 2hr Sessions over a 3 week period). It begins with gathering of a detailed personal history, followed by a wide variety of techniques that guide you through a significant and effective emotional realignment process.  Powerful, quick and life changing processes.  It involves shedding of old internal conflicts and limiting processes that get in your way, clearing your path to enable true and lasting change. 


Increase your motivation, create new and effective strategies, align your values, so you are congruent, clear and with a profound sense of self-awareness that ultimately enables you to achieve your goals in a fulfilling and inspired way.  Become naturally driven, inspired and with a renewed sense of self that enables you to function way outside the limiting square.

Live, work and play is a powerful and impassioned way.


Negotiation skills    Leadership   Building succesful teams  

Become more influential   Negotiation skills  Conflict resolution

Remove internal conflicts and create wealth  Renew motivation 

Understand your team based on personality types   Succeed

Leap into Life

Ehud Udi Tal-Life Coach